Morocco fly school

Morocco Fly School

Powered Paragliding School

Every winter we organize the intensive powered paragliding courses in Morocco.

The Mirleft coast enjoys an exceptionally comfortable climate in winter, the temperatures are high and the steady and moderate wind helps the students learn. The rains are very rare and of very short duration.

The villas where the students will stay are modern and equipped with every comfort. There are 2 restaurants and a grocery store on site. The residence offers 2 swimming pools, tennis, table tennis and various other activities, such as quads or horseback rides, for eventual accompanying guests.

The attendance fee includes all the services offered to the students, in addition to a two-seater flight with an instructor, paraglider or paramotor.

The minivan of the organization, with driver, will be at the disposal of the participants for the duration of their stay.

Fly with us in Morocco

We organize stays for paramotors and paragliders, offering the same services dedicated to the students, in addition to the rental of on-site equipment and assistance for flight activity.

At the same time, the pilots who will request it will be able to follow a mini pilot course and / or preparation for the competitions.

With paramotors, we can carry incredible transfer flights to the ocean coast, overflowing with the magical landscapes of the cliffs of Aglou, with its lodges embedded in the rock, and the natural arches of Lezgira, true wonders of nature.

Paragliding pilots can also take off from the cliffs, as well as from the Nid d’Aigle, located at the center of a 4 km long cliff, long and wide in thermodynamics.

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Our powered paragliding school organizes holidays combined with intensive courses in Morocco, Mirleft, a site that is very suitable for the purpose and offers beautiful naturalistic landscapes.

Our instructors are equipped with specific teaching skills and a proven practical training method.

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